ICF = Instant Company Formation

Your one-stop shop for an easy and fast incorporation process

As an international law office, we serve as a bridge between founders and local bureaucracy. For 20+ years, we are successfully helping many foreign talents settle down and create job opportunities in Germany. Having experience with different legal and cultural backgrounds, we understand that language and cultural differences play a significant role in opening a company. German bureaucracy can be particularly tough to crack at times. That's why we developed a platform to address these issues. We automatize the processes, and minimize the red tape as much as possible. That's the story of ICF = Instant Company Formation.

ICF is a digitized company formation process form German/American business immigration and incorporation lawyer, Alexander von Engelhardt. He ensures all legal requirements are met while founders have more time to focus on their new venture. Manual data transfers of the past were often prone to time consuming mistakes. By using ICF, founders can realize their goals more comfortably, more accurately, and instantly. ICF is easier and faster compared to existing and traditional methods. The setup of a new GmbH or UG can be simply prepared following a couple of easy steps.

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